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Maria Nila offers high-quality professional hair care products, all of which are vegan, sulphate, and paraben-free. The range includes everything from shampoos and conditioners in various hair care series to styling products and hair waxes. When you choose hair products from Maria Nila, you are being kind to both yourself and animals. If you have previously used hair products containing sulphates and parabens, you will most likely notice a big difference when you use Maria Nila's hair products.

Vegan hair care online

Maria Nila is not a typical hair care brand. All our hair care products are based on a love for animals and are both 100% vegan and animal-friendly. Therefore, none of the products are tested on animals or contain any animal ingredients since animals simply shouldn't need to be part of hair care products. Maria Nila's chemists carefully select the ingredients in each product, and instead of animal ingredients, plant-based ingredients are used. By offering high-quality vegan hair care, Maria Nila wants to make it easy for everyone to take a step in the right direction in terms of a more sustainable and ethical world.

Hair care products to keep the colour in place

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We are not the usual haircare brand. Our 100% vegan products are developed out of our love for animals, as they should not be part of human vanity. By choosing Maria Nila, you choose professional haircare produced in Sweden, with ingredients carefully chosen by our chemists. In our range of hair products you will find haircare lines for all hair types. Upgrade your haircare routine with colour-protecting shampoosconditioners and hair masks. Create your look with hair styling products like sea salt spray and heat protecting spray.


To be able to provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious and honest way, it all starts with the product. As Maria Nila provides the world with millions of beauty units each year, each smart upgrade will have a great impact on the bigger picture.

A Maria Nila products must always:

  • Be 100% vegan

  • Be certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society

  • Have climate compensated packaging

  • Have a clear purpose

  • Use friendly ingredients for the hair, animals and the planet

  • Be designed and developed to use as little material as possible

  • Aim for recycled material when possible

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